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Key Highlights on the Amendments to the Companies Act, 2015

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The Companies Act, 2015 (‘the Principal Act”) came into effect on 15th September, 2015 repealing the 1947 Companies Act (CAP 486) Laws of Kenya. The main object of the Act…

The Devil In The Details; A Case of The Marriage ACT, 2014

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‘We must not make a scarecrow of the law, setting it up to frighten birds of prey, till custom, finding it harmless, make it their perch.’ Measure for Measure –...

The Leniency Programme under Competition Law in Kenya

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Introduction Competition law frowns upon the formation and operation of cartels. In Kenya, a cartel may be formed when competing businesses enter into agreements, whether within or outside Kenya, which…


Factors to Consider in determining the applicable laws on M&As in Kenya

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A merger is a direct or indirect acquisition or control of part or whole of the business of an undertaking by another undertaking. The result is usually a change of…